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Hippoc is Montreal-based adtech start-up founded by Jean-Maxime Larouche and Kévin Combe in 2019.


Unique technology delivering results

Hippoc is the ultimate neuroscience and AI-powered ad testing and optimization tool enabling marketers, SMB designers, and agencies to predict the cognitive impact of an ad through testing using a model that mimics the behaviour of a human brain.

Hippoc’s technology delivers the results you want quickly—with pinpoint accuracy. Forget about the high costs tied to traditional ad testing (like focus groups) and instead get the answers you need in just a few seconds. 

How can we deliver such accurate results in a short amount of time? That’s because Hippoc relies on a method that offers our users insight into what audiences respond to most in an ad. Marketers can see how well their content stands out to consumers, and assess how likely they will engage with the brand without having to perform time-consuming data tracking and testing. It’s a user-friendly solution that delivers hyper-targeted and accurate results.



Meet the team


CEO & Cofounder

Kévin Combe

CRO & Cofounder

Martin Levac

Senior Fullstack Developer

Williams Zanga

AI Engineer


Senior Fullstack developer

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A career at Hippoc means joining a team at the forefront of emerging, AI-powered tech. Flex your expertise and be a part of the company that’s forever changing the ad-tech industry. 



Our story


While working towards his master’s degree from the Université de Montréal, founder Jean-Maxime Larouche grew passionate about cognitive neuroscience and advertising and thought up ways to unite these two divergent fields. His desire to democratize cognitive neuroscience is what helped him found Hippoc today.


Early 2020

Kévin Combe joined Jean-Maxime, coming on board to help develop this revolutionary product, a solution designed to create high-performance ads. Driven by passion and knowledge in the fields, the two set out to impact the industry and forever change the digital advertising game.


Summer 2022

In the summer of 2022, thousands of users across the globe discovered Hippoc’s innovative solutions. Around this time, Hippoc secured a $3M seed round to accelerate its growth. This funding will help the team continue to innovate the field, expand the company’s reach, and ultimately solidify its position as a leader in the industry.



Hippoc ison a mission to make our platform accessible to as many people as possible. By doing so, this pioneering company is enabling individuals and large companies to improve the performance of their advertising creatives easily and affordably



Our mission

Is Hippoc revolutionizing the ad industry? You know it. We’re harnessing the power of cognitive neuroscience to help people and businesses create engaging ad campaigns that drive results—and increase revenue. 

We’re on a mission to make our platform widely accessible and provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for people and companies to enhance ad performance. 

We’re empowering our users’ success by giving them a competitive edge through a unique approach that sits at the crossroads of science, advertising, and innovative technology.