Bleu Blanc Rouge : Increases Internal Team Collaboration and Design Process

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Bleu Blanc Rouge was looking to improve its creative workflow to reduce delays during the production period and optimize digital campaign performance.

The problem

During the production phases of the campaigns, BBR‘s creative teams spent a fair amount of time developing numerous variations of creative concepts, all of which needed to be approved by the client beforehand to have the proper formats available for the different platforms, as well as multiple variations to avoid ad fatigue. 

This workflow was proving to be time-consuming and valuable time was spent on the following:

  • Designing various ad formats and new creative for each option. 
  • Lengthy discussions about the visuals lead to decisions based solely on subjective preferences rather than data.
  • Back and forth between client and account managers resulted in numerous changes being made to ad creative. 

These situations led to frustrations and, on occasion, caused friction within the BBR design teams and the relationship with their clients.

This did not help designers feel a sense of autonomy in their work, as the decision-making framework was often vague and subjective.

The challenge

BBR sought a suitable and functional solution to benefit its creative teams, digital strategists, and their clients. 

The solution needed to analyze ad creatives using data-backed information effectively. This data needed to be tied to media performance.

It also needed to be user-friendly and accessible to all stakeholders, including:

  • Performance managers, who wanted to use a simple tool that could increase paid campaign performance.
  • Designers who wanted concrete and objective feedback on designs.
  • Account managers, wanted access to reports and analytics to show the performance of visuals to their clients to support design decisions that were made with regard to visuals and their performance.

The solution

In phase one, we launched a pilot project leveraging the Hippoc solution, a tool designed to predict the cognitive impact of visuals on consumers, as well as their media performance. Hippoc provides data to creative and media teams to support decision-making. 

Then, in phase two, we performed an analysis of visuals from former campaigns to demonstrate the link between a creative’s media performance and cognitive performance.

Step-by-step / How the product was used

The Hippoc team held several meetings with the digital strategist and Bleu Blanc Rouge paid media manager to analyze the media performance and optimize the cognitive impact of several visuals from various campaigns.

Using historical data, Hippoc was able to identify insights based on historical data and relay this knowledge to the visuals of current campaigns, in addition to submitting creative variations to the team. 

Finally, the Hippoc team presented a report to the BBR creative teams in order to demonstrate the value of the platform and its potential if used regularly.

The impact

Hippoc was a helpful resource for both BBR paid ad visuals, enabling the teams to:

  • Double-check their initial instincts
  • Take a step back and rethink or repurpose main campaign messaging;
  • Optimize visuals;
  • Think as a team and unleash creative;
  • Improve visual composition.


Client’s testimonial

“Hippoc allows us to open our minds to other avenues, evaluate other creative paths and even sometimes reimagine the hierarchy of messages in our communications ”

Olivier Ventura, Assistant creative director, BBR

“Our clients are more than ever hungry for innovation and new technologies, especially when they can have a concrete impact on their everyday activities. It is therefore natural for BBR to recommend the exploration of such a tool to their clients who wish to be leaders and precursors in their industry and to build with them around the learnings that this platform will allow us to do.”

Brian Feeny, Directeur groupe Conseil BBR.