Découvrez comment Kia Motors a réduit son CPL de 40%

Challenge  In recent years, Kia Motors has undergone a significant transformation, evolving from a budget-conscious car manufacturer into a forward-thinking trailblazer that harnesses technology to enhance its offerings.  This shift, while successful from a business perspective, has presented a challenge in maintaining a coherent advertising identity. Balancing these two distinct facets of their brand identity […]

Découvrez comment Mazda a réduit de 53 % son CPL

Challenge Mazda, an automotive brand renowned for its focus on performance and style at an affordable price point, has faced the challenge of maintaining their competitive edge through significant monthly investments in paid media advertising. While their SKYACTIV technology set them apart, optimising their online ad spend was a complex endeavour. For companies in every […]

Découvrez comment Nissan a réduit son CPL de 24%

Challenge Nissan, an automotive brand, places a strong emphasis on innovation, reliability, and safety in its offerings. With a diverse range of models designed to cater to various types of drivers, Nissan faces the challenge of reaching different audiences effectively.  This varied range also makes them one of Groupe Beaucage’s top sellers. The complexity of […]

How Crowdtamers tested Hippoc. A cognitive and AI-powered solution to achieve remarkable results.

Title cover CrowdTamers

Specializing in providing marketing support to startups, Crowdtamers is a boutique agency that offers a wide range of services, including paid ads and content creation.  Recently, Crowdtamers adopted Hippoc, an AI-powered solution built to enhance ad performance while saving time and money. The Challenge Smaller-sized start-ups, like Crowdtamers, sometimes lack the internal resources to produce […]