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A/B test in seconds! Find out how to grab attention and improve recall with all your Canva designs before you launch your campaign.

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Our AI-powered Canva plugin helps you know exactly what to improve on your ads, simply by testing how your designs grab attention and impact.

A/B testing on steroids

Avoid the long winding process of testing your designs. In less than 3 clicks, our AI powered plugin lets you know which parts of your ads need improvement.

Test before you spend

Save thousands of dollars trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You can test your designs while still in the Canva app, get feedback and iterate in minutes.
Our Plugin is perfect for…


Get of the grid safely & speed up your design and approval processes by backing up your designs with science data.


Stand out and increase the effectiveness of your content and advertising as a professionnel in no time.


Unleash your designers' creativity safely and streamline your review processes by making data-driven decisions.

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