Hippoc X Canva integration

The ultimate solution to test and enhance your creative one click away.

Hippoc’s Canva integration

Get instant feedback on your Canva designs and improve them
Canva integration

Discover the new Hippoc’s Canva Integration

Your ultimate design co-pilot

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Import up to 10 designs in one click

Hippoc’s unique integration with Canva allow you to select up to 10 creatives at a time and start your analysis in just one click
best-performing designs
best-performing designs

Compare and identify your best-performing designs in seconds.

Our AI models measure your designs’ cognitive impact based on cognitive neuroscience research. Create high-impact designs and impress your clients with Hippoc Exclusive Impact Score.

Get custom & actionable recommendation

By considering millions of parameters and taking into account your goals, we provide recommendations just for you to help you improve your designs
Get custom

Achieve amazing
results in seconds

Learn how to connect Hippoc to Canva

Get your ads noticed and follow our recommendations for optimization.

Made for everyone using Canva really.

Whether you’re a designer, a marketer or simply using Canva to enhance your presentation, ads, social templates, our integration will allow you to design beautiful things and make sure they perform well for your goal.
everyone using Canva

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Save time, money, and build some remarkable ad creative. Hippoc is your partner in design.


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