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Supercharge your creatives!

Hippoc leverages millions of data points and AI models to help you create designs that will make an impact on your audience.

Ways you can use Hippoc in your work!

Analyse the impact of your ads or social media posts

Hippoc uses Eye Tracking data to predict what attracts human attention. Upload your ads to visualize in seconds the elements of your designs that stand out in consumers' brains!

Predict the impact of web designs & landing pages

Get your user to focus on the right things in your landing page in the first seconds and improve your conversion rate. Leverage Hippoc predictive eye tracking AI to test & improve your landing page while designing it.

Make your newsletter or presentation stand out

Made for content creators, social media managers and marketers who want to create content that really stands out in the minds of their audience without wasting their time and marketing budget.

Who is Hippoc for?


Unleash your designers' creativity safely and streamline your review processes by making data-driven decisions.


Get of the grid safely & speed up your design and approval processes by backing up your designs with science data.

Startups & SMB

Stand out and increase the effectiveness of your content and advertising as a professionnel in no time.