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Supercharge your creatives in seconds!

When every advertiser is fighting for attention, we can guarantee you to make an impact.

Creativity and science, finally, happy together.

Wipe out bias from creative feedback

A second opinion is not always enough. Get feedback and recommendations in seconds from thousands of people. Together, we will make great ads.

Stop wasting money
on A/B testing

Stop wasting money on A/B testing

Save thousands of dollars trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You can test your designs before launching your campaigns to get instant winners.

Your creatives + Our Tech
Better Marketing

Your creatives + Our Tech = Better Marketing

You upload your creatives, we analyze them, and together we make your ads as impactful as possible. You bring the design, we put the data.

Changing advertising forever step by step


Upload Your creatives

You can upload from one to ten creatives at a time.


Let Hippoc think

Our custom-built AI mimics how the human brain processes ads.


Get Recommendations

We will tell you what will impact your audience, what creatives will work best, and how to optimize them even more.

We built Hippoc for


Speed up your design and approval processes by backing up your designs with data. Design. Test. Launch!


Unleash your creativity safely and streamline your review processes by making data-driven decisions. Save time and money on A/B Testing!

Startups & SMB

Stand out and increase the effectiveness of your content and advertising without a marketing team.