How Crowdtamers tested Hippoc. A cognitive and AI-powered solution to achieve remarkable results.

Specializing in providing marketing support to startups, Crowdtamers is a boutique agency that offers a wide range of services, including paid ads and content creation. 

Recently, Crowdtamers adopted Hippoc, an AI-powered solution built to enhance ad performance while saving time and money.

The Challenge

Smaller-sized start-ups, like Crowdtamers, sometimes lack the internal resources to produce and deploy successful ad campaigns, especially early on in their founding. 

Team members don’t always have the necessary design expertise and resort to designing ads themselves or hiring interns to use Canva to design digital ads. This is often the case for small boutique agencies and freelancers as well. Handing off the workload would be a time-saving and cost-effective endeavor for businesses that find themselves in this situation.

The Problem

Crowdtamers wanted to find a design solution that would enable them to focus their efforts on creating effective and engaging designs, without worrying about spending top dollar.

How they have used Hippoc

Crowdtamers tested Hippoc’s ability to predict ad performance before using it to enhance their clients’ ad campaigns. Hippoc helped improve both the design and creative direction, leading to better results for the agency’s clients. 

Targeting test: 

First, they wanted to verify that the Hippoc engine could be used by marketers who use Canva, but didn’t consider themselves to be designers? 

The answer is yes! 

This is the first creative they tested using Hippoc. 

Variant 1
Variant 2
Variant 3

Here, Crowdtamers asked the AI which ads would garner the most attention: 

As a result, Hippoc predicted that 1) the ads did not vary significantly from one another 2) the overall performance of the set was relatively low and 3) the ad in the middle should be performing better. 

Then, the Crowdtamers team ran those ads on both Twitter and Facebook to see the overall performance of this creative set to these results:

As the data demonstrates, the overall performance of the creative set was indeed lower than expected, as was the performance across creatives. The results of the performance of the second ad were inconclusive. 

In a nutshell, here’s what a marketer or designer can expect from Hippoc.

These ads performed only about 10% of what they were expected to, considering this was a top-of-funnel ad campaign. Ads needed some adjustments to ensure that the campaign would perform its best. 

Crowdtamers then opted to run another test, a version of a targeting test, with the goal to determine whether the non-designers on the team would find this tool a valuable asset. 

So, they ran ads with the following creatives, designing them based on the rationale that seeing faces drive clicks—as well as buttons. They also tested the hypothesis that white backgrounds perform better.

Ultimately, the results were surprising. They were convinced Option 3 would perform best, because it had all the elements of a winning formula: people, a CTA button, and a white background. This, however, was not what Hippoc predicted would happen.

Here are the results of their ads after running campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter ER1a Ad Results :

Ad creative was simplified on Twitter (they ran Option 1 and 3), but the results were largely the same.

Hippoc flagged some issues, finding that the designs of ads 1, 2, and 4 were similar and 3 would perform poorly. Overall, the tool found that creatives would not perform well. 

These two tests determined that Hippoc was successful in predicting which ads would perform poorly, as well as how similar each ad was. Furthermore, the tool was able to correctly identify which option would come last—despite the team’s belief that it would do well, a team with more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing. 

And since? The team at Crowdtamers has continued to run campaigns using Hippoc improving their client’s campaign performance and making sure they have the best return on their investments.

The impact

The tests have proven that Hippoc AI enables designers and marketers to test creative performance before making an investment. It’s a good investment for design and marketing teams looking to save time and money.


Client’s testimonial

“Hippoc is a fantastic tool to have handy in your marketer toolbox. It allows you to test and analyze designs and creativity before launching ad campaigns and spending money. This way, you’ll be able to ensure your campaign performances and get a better return on your investment.”