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We used MIT standardized databases to validate our AI models and Hippoc scores are the highest achieved in our scientific domain.

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Prediction accuracy for Instant Attention

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Prediction accuracy for Lasting Memory Recall

Instant Attention

It identifies what can catch your customer’s attention in less than 3 seconds and makes sure your key elements stand out.

It brings the attention on what really matters so you have time to convince more.

Instant attention highlights what emerges in the unconscious, which is linked to human evolution and to the set of human biases stimulated when treating visual information.

Lasting Recall

It finds what is most easily remembered in the design and makes sure it’s aligned with your goals

Creating an in-memory trace allows you to directly influence your consumer’s purchase decision process.

Lasting Recall traces elements created in the human brain and involves complex cognitive processing that humans cannot accurately predict.

Impact Score

This score represents the ability of a visual to be at least as memorable as it is appealing.

Instant attention is a limited resource and the memory recall is a profit. Increasing the impact score required to generate at least as much memory recall as instant attention.

A high impact score witness that the visual content is able to quickly build a sustainable memory trace in the customer brain which is essential to maximize the conversion rate.

Deeply Rooted in Science


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Our predictions have an accuracy rate of 94% for Instant Attention.
Also, our validation achieved 96% accuracy for Lasting memory recall.


Hippoc’s business impact

Lead generation and CRO

Hippoc Neuro-AI works better, faster and more cost effectively than AB testing for every visual content optimization.

The right design of an ad alone can multiply by 2, 4 or even more, the performance of the ad. A recent study showed that 49% of a brand’s sales lifted from advertising is due to the creatives, which refers primarily to the quality and the messaging (47%). You may have the best strategy, however if the design is poor, you will convert less prospects to customers.

Marketers have attempted to minimize the impact of underperforming ads by becoming experts at performing AB test or split test, in order to discover the design that works best. However, the A/B test model has 3 major limitations, it is reactive, slow and non-explanatory.

What truly matters in lead generation design, is what is appealing to the consumer’s mind: what they look at, and more importantly, what they remember. More than clicks and mouse movements, this is what plays a critical role in the consumer ‘s buying decision process. Why? Simply because every product is sold first, to its audience’s brain.

To illustrate our point, in this publication, we took multiple well-known documented examples of A/B testing and compared them to the results generated by our solution. Our Neuro-AI software has never been exposed to these contents previously and it predicted for all the exemples which design performed better in terms of lead generation or click through rates.

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