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How To Hippoc: Quick Guide

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We created Hippoc with one goal: To help you make ads that achieve your goals. We wanted to make that process faster, cheaper, and more accurate than ever before.

We designed our User Experience & User Interface to make them as straightforward as possible. But we thought you could still use some guidance.

Creating an Account

To create an account all you need is an email, and a password. You will start with our free plan, no credit card needed.

The Dashboard
The Dashboard is your basecamp inside Hippoc. From here, you can access start a new analysis or go through the previous analysis, even the ones you left unfinished.
Upload your Ads
You can upload one to ten ads to Hippoc by simply dragging and dropping.

When uploading more than one ad, you want to choose images related to each other.

They should have a similar quality, be the same size, and follow the same goals.

Example: Comparing a Leaderboard banner with an Instagram Story Ad might not make much sense.

Select Your Goals

We made this simple: Choose between Awareness, Product Sales, or Clicks.

Select the one that fits your goals the best. Then, we will use your goal to customize your Impact Score and Recommendations.

Tag your Elements

Depending on your selected goal, we will consider different elements to be a must-have in your ad.

To Tag your Elements, you will need to add Elements first. Each Element should represent a different ad element you want to consider for your score.

Make sure to Tag each Element; depending on your goal selection your choice of labels will be Logo, Product, Message, or Other.

You can trace up to 6 Elements. But, you should only tag the elements you find most important for your ad.

Don’t worry, the whole design will be considered in our scan, whether it is tagged or not. But we only give scores and recommendations to tagged elements.

When uploading more than one image, you will have to make sure all images are tagged properly. This might take you a little time if you are uploading a lot of ads, but it is worth it. FYI, we are working on making it faster in the future.

Get your score and recommendations

This is where the fun begins. We will give you an overall Impact Score, Impact Scores for each Element tagged, and recommendations for each Element.

When uploading more than two ads/images, you will land on a page like the one below. Here you will be able to find your winners, and also select ads/images to compare to each other.