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Surpass your campaign goals and bring in top dollar with Hippoc’s predictive analysis tool 

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Media Partners Solution

You’re a few clicks from creating engaging and high-performance ads.

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Hippoc Media
Partners’ Solution

Save time. Spare your budget. Boost ROAs.

Test creatives or campaigns based on media objectives before pushing live, so you stop wasting time and money on ads that won’t perform or resonate. Hippoc is a one-stop solution that maximizes your return on ad spending.

Create high-performance ad campaigns

Gain a competitive edge over your competition by creating tried-and-test ad campaigns that outperform. Hippoc provides in-depth insights, like what content performs best on a specific channel and what visuals stand out and shine.

Gain autonomy and flexibility

Work independently, achieve results. Media managers can now choose which creatives will be part of their advertising campaigns based on data and ensure the chosen creatives will perform better.

Streamline the creative process and start to build creative intelligence.

Save time and, ultimately, precious dollars. Hippoc enables you to streamline the creative process, allowing you to store creatives and data so you and your team can build brand intelligence.

Accurate. Advanced. AI.

Our advanced AI models analyze your ad campaigns’ history, predicting the cognitive impact of all creative, for up to 87% accuracy.

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results in seconds​

Advertising agencies
and performance marketers

Hippoc Media Partners’ Solution is built for advertisers and media agencies with a media budget of 300K+ per year.



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