Spreadshirt increased their CTR by 606% and their purchases by 11.2% by redesigning their website form with the variation below

Spreadshirt original

Using AB testing, Spreadshirt created a new website (image 2 below) as a variation of their previous website (control; image 1). In their new design, they decided to put less information than in the control and increased both the clicks by 606% and the engagement by 11.2%.

As you can see, our prediction shows that the variation is indeed better than the control version as it has a higher overall score for the audience. The headline, the graph and the CTA are more attention-grabbing and memorable. 

Here the recommendations for optimization are to tweak the headline of the image 2


Access the full report here | Source

Spreadshirt Hippoc Analyses

Between two different designs presenting the same persuasive arguments, the one that is more efficient in terms of memory and attention presenting these arguments, will always be the more relevant for your business (maximizing the effect of these arguments on the consumers). 

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