Say goodbye to underperforming ads

Skip a/b testing, and predict an ad creative’s performance before spending a single dollar, with an AI built on the foundations of neuroscience.


You’re 4 steps away from unlocking advertising success before you go live

Rank creative pre-launch

Hippoc assesses ad creatives before your campaign goes live, ranking them in order of predicted performance based on campaign parameters and desired KPIs.

Replace A/B testing

Skip the traditional A/B testing process. Our tool provides insights that help you make informed decisions, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming experiments.

Launch a waste-free campaign

Invest your advertising budget wisely. Hippoc ensures every dollar is allocated to ad creatives with the highest potential for impact.

Get ready for campaign success

Start your campaigns on the right foot. Selecting the top-performing ad creatives sets the stage for a more successful and impactful campaign.


Let our AI do the heavy lifting

Supercharge your digital campaigns’ ROI. Receive custom recommendations to better choose your ad creatives while leveraging the millions of data points we have access to.

Hippoc is an omnichannel solution, easily scalable with any ad networks

You can now identify and eliminate underperforming creatives, ensuring every dollar counts towards hitting your campaign goals.

Pre-Campaign Performance Predictions:

Get ahead of the game by ranking ad creatives from best to worse predicted performance, before your campaign launches, ensuring a strong start aligned with your campaign parameters and desired KPIs.

Eliminate A/B Testing:

Say goodbye to time-consuming and costly A/B testing. Hippoc’s insights help you identify the winning creatives from the start and fast-tracks hitting your goals.

No More Ad Waste:

Bid farewell to wasted ad spend. Invest only in creatives that are predicted to make a significant impact, saving your budget for the winners.

Maximise Campaign Impact:

Boost the impact of your campaigns. empowers you to select the most performant ad creatives, increasing the chances of achieving your campaign goals.

Data-Driven Insights:

Harness the power of your own historical data to make informed marketing decisions. Our platform crunches the numbers, so you don’t have to.

A 53% decrease in CAC. Want to see more?

Neuroscience-Powered Analysis

We use neuroscience to assess the cognitive impact of your ad creatives. This includes measuring lasting recall and memory recall among your target audience.

Historical Data Integration

We also incorporate data from your past campaigns, identifying patterns and trends to inform our predictions, and making sure they fit your brand and audiences.

Campaign Parameters Alignment

By aligning your campaign parameters with your desired KPIs, we ensure your ad creatives are perfectly tailored for success.

How do we help you stop burning ad budgets?

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AI-powered solution for high-performing campaigns. Improve your ad digital performance, spend your ad budget more efficiently, increase ROAS.

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