Where to place your logo on your website? – Neuro-AI design Tip

Top left corner of your website is a dead zone for attention… Using Neuro-AI we will show you where to strategically place your logo to maximize both attention and memory recall of your logo!

Over the last decade, it was taken for granted that the company’s logo had to be located at the top left of the web page. 

Let’s go back a bit to the origin of this practice. The massive trend appears early in the web design history for western companies. The main argument, or the assumption was that, because people read from left to right, placing the logo on the top left corner would immediately catch more of the eye’s attention. 

Actually, this shortcut is false!

If your goal is to hide your logo, the top-left corner is perfect! Science has proven, the top left on a website is a dead zone for attention. Please keep reading and we will explain why.

Assuming that the average time spent on a website page is less than 15 seconds and that your consumers attention is gold, the proper placement of your brand logo is of strategic importance to be more appealing and easy to remember. 

Researchers on cognitive neuroscience discovered in multiple experiments, the existence of an object center bias, in human visual attention. What this means is, people have a tendency to look for a longer period of time at objects that are more in the center of the visual field. 

In this blog, using a new technology called Neuro-AI which stands for Neuroscience & Artificial Intelligence, we demonstrate that the top corners are effectively dead zones for the consumer’s attention. 

We compared the instant attention analysis of four versions of the same landing page but using different position for the logo (1- top left, 2- top center-left, 3- top center and 4- top center-right) and showed that the audience looks at the brand logo 26% longer, when it is placed in the center of the screen, compared with when it is placed in the top left corner.

Instant customer attention for different logo position

The fog maps above represent the instant attention maps, the more the information is visible, the more the audience is looking at it 

But attention is not the only thing that matters for memory: the human expectations definitely influence encoding and recall.

As we mentioned, top left corner logos are very popular and expected by the consumers, making it easier to encode in memory. Comparing the four versions of the same landing page (with different logo positions) in terms of lasting memory recall, we showed that the website logo is around 15% more easily remembered when placed between the top center (maximizing attention) and the top-left corner (to also maximize the user expectation).

This lean left position (top center-left in image 2) has the perfect ratio to maximize both attention (where the user looks at it for a longer period of time) and memory recall (not too far from expected by the user like with the centered position).

Lasting brand recall for different logo position

The heatmaps above represent the information that is remembered by the audience (the more it’s hot, the more it’s recalled.

In summary, the competition for brand loyalty in the Attention Economy is fierce. Failing to capture the consumer’s attention and moving away from their expectation will negatively impact your business. 

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