The founders

Jean-Maxime Larouche

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & Head of Sales & Marketing


Help humans better understand brain function and dysfunction by supporting fundamental research in cognitive neuroscience.


Provide the best performing neuro-ia applications to meet the business challenges of tomorrow’s world.



A Word from our CEO

My name is Jean-Maxime Larouche. I am the CEO of Hippoc and I am also a Ph.D candidate at the University of Montreal in cognitive neuroscience. Hippoc was founded for two main reasons. First, to finance fundamental research in cognitive neuroscience. Second, to offer simple and concrete applications of neuroscience to the industry in general.

By launching Hippoc Analytics Software, we want to provide a powerful and intuitive tool for companies so that they can increase the instant attention and lasting recall of each visual contact between their brand and their customers. In just a few seconds during the creation process, our solution enhances the customer loyalty to your brand and maximize the ROI of all your visual contents.

Now why the seahorse? In the Naturalis Historia, Pliny described memory as “a necessary advantage for life”. Indeed, the capacity of human beings to evolve in an environment that is by nature hostile is linked to our ability to generalize our representations in order to adapt to new situations. An area of the brain named the hippocampus – because it looks like a seahorse – is directly involved in the encoding of the long-term memory, allowing humans to constantly learn from the past events and adapt in the present. In this sense, we named our company Hippoc as a tribute to this so important structure of our mind. In fact, learning is at the center of our company’s culture. Here at Hippoc, we are constant learner, curious to know more and eager to share and contribute in our community.Our vision for the future is a world where all people can easily access to all the advantages of our cognitive neuroscience discoveries and technologies, giving them the possibility to free their mind knowing more about themselves and others.

Our Technology

Hippoc Neuro-AI works better, faster and more cost effectively than AB testing for every visual content optimization.

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