Explore Nissan’s Impressive 24% Reduction in CPL

With a diverse range of models, Nissan faces the challenge of reaching different audiences effectively.



Nissan, an automotive brand, places a strong emphasis on innovation, reliability, and safety in its offerings. With a diverse range of models designed to cater to various types of drivers, Nissan faces the challenge of reaching different audiences effectively.  This varied range also makes them one of Groupe Beaucage’s top sellers.

The complexity of catering to diverse audiences often results in unfocused campaigns and inefficient allocation of ad budgets, largely due to under-optimised ad creatives.

Groupe Beaucage’s approach is to optimise all of their online ads to their maximum potential, a task that Hippoc is well-prepared to tackle. Hippoc’s strength lies in its profound understanding of human cognition, making it capable of turning even the most intricate audience segments into successful campaigns.


To demonstrate Hippoc’s capabilities, Groupe Beaucage’s marketing team created a media plan and set of ads and then subjected them to Hippoc’s platform. The next step was an A/B test, pitting the top-performing half against the bottom half. This straightforward test identified the two top performing ads, while the two others were identified as underperforming.

Although all four ads may initially seem appealing, Hippoc’s analysis delves deeper into the complexities of human perception.


The Groupe Beaucage media team established campaign parameters: placement, audience and budget.

Three campaigns were launched representing a different car model (Kia Seltos, Mazda CX-5, and Nissan Rogue). They also provided distinct creative variations, featuring monthly offers for each car model.

Subsequently, Hippoc’s ROI model predicted the performance of the various ad creatives for these three car models. It categorized the ad creatives into two sets for each campaign:

  • One for high performance (resulting in a lower cost per lead)
  • One for low performance (resulting in a higher cost per lead).

Following this, three A/B test campaigns were launched on Meta, with one campaign dedicated to each car model. These campaigns were designed to compare the performance of the two ad sets, each allocated a daily budget of $80. Across all three campaigns, a notable and significant difference was observed between the low-performing and high-performing ad sets, in terms of generated cost per lead and the number of leads generated.


The “winning” set generated a notable 54.5% increase in leads while simultaneously reducing CPL by an impressive 24%. Just as Nissan describes itself with terms like innovative, reliable, and safe, Hippoc’s platform exhibits these qualities, providing tangible benefits like increased revenue and time savings for your marketing team. With results like these, it’s challenging not to appreciate the advantages Hippoc brings to the table.