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Our neuroscience-based design tool leverage millions of data points and AI models to help you create designs that are guaranteed to make an impression on the human brain.

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How it works!

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Upload your design

Using Hippoc's Canva Integration, the Chrome extension or by just doing a drag & drop, upload your designs within the platform.

Define your key zones

Manually or using our automated detection system, define the areas of your design that are most important.

Get feedback in seconds

After running the analysis, get a detailed report with the Impact, Attention & Recall of your designs and personalized recommandations.

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Hippoc’s Main Features

Attention Score + Recall Score = Impact Score

Attention Score

See what attracts your customers eyes

Hippoc’s AI uses millions of Eye Tracking data to predict whether your designs attract human attention.

Are your designs eye-catching!? Upload any image to Hippoc to find out!

Recall Score

See what people will recall from your designs.

Hippoc uses millions of data point from human memory test to predict what the brain tends to recall.

Are your designs memorable? Upload your latest design to Hippoc to find out!

Impact score

See what is likely to influence your customers behavior.

By combining your Attention Score and Recall Score, Hippoc estimates your Impact Score to measure the overall effectiveness of your designs in influencing human behaviour!

What is your Impact Score?!

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Ways you can use Hippoc in your work!

Analyse the impact of your ads or social media posts

Hippoc uses Eye Tracking data to predict what attracts human attention. Upload your ads to visualize in seconds the elements of your designs that stand out in consumers' brains!

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Predict the impact of web designs & landing pages

Get your user to focus on the right things in your landing page in the first seconds and improve your conversion rate. Leverage Hippoc predictive eye tracking AI to test & improve your landing page while designing it.

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Make your newsletter or presentation stand out

Made for content creators, social media managers and marketers who want to create content that really stands out in the minds of their audience without wasting their time and marketing budget.

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Who Uses Hippoc?


Get of the grid safely & speed up your design and approval processes by backing up your designs with science data.


Stand out and increase the effectiveness of your content and advertising as a professionnel in no time.


Unleash your designers' creativity safely and streamline your review processes by making data-driven decisions.

Our Pricing

5 days Free trial

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What content creators have to say!

Every subscription contains the following extra features!

Canva integration

Get your personalized analysis in 1 click and improve your designs effectiveness.

Automated reports

Generate editable PowerPoint reports to present your results to your colleagues/clients.

Google Chrome Extension

Take screenshots and crop images on the go using our Google Chrome extension.

Automatic recommendations

Get actionable recommendations to make your designs more effective.

Industry Benchmark

See how your your ads stand compare to your competitors.

No Watermarks

You are free to leave or not our logo on your reports.