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Rank The Power Of Your Ads

Our Impact Score ranks the power your ads have to grab your customers’ attention and make them buy your products.

A higher impact score will increase ad recall, brand recognition, and CTR, lowering your ad spending, and improving KPIs across your metrics.

How Does It Work?

  1. Upload your ads

Upload your ads using or use our Canva or Chrome extension.

  1. Select your goal

Select the goal that best suits your campaign. 

  1. Tag your ad element

Tag what matters the most to you in your ads.

  1. Get your winners

Discover the ads that will best reach your goal.

  1. Get Recommendations

Get specific recommendations to optimize your ad

We built Hippoc For Marketers​

Guide your Designers​

Streamline your design process by giving the right feedback to your designers.

Supercharge your Marketing

Stand out and increase the effectiveness of your content and advertising.

Be Cost-Efficient

Stop bleeding marketing budget. Save on Ad Testing.

Deeply Rooted in Science

Deeply Rooted
in Science

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They Trust Us

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Why use Hippoc?

Ad Quality Control

You wouldn’t release a product without passing Quality Control testing. Don’t your ads deserve the same?

Scientifically Proven

Data accuracy was never big in AdTech. Our Tech comes from an extensive scientific research. How does 95% accuracy sounds to you?

Predict the Future

Most AdTech tools just report your ads’ past. But, what if you could predict your Winners with Zero Spend? Welcome to the Future.


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