Boost your ad & website conversion rate in seconds & in advance

Leverage Neuroscience & AI to make your products & services stand out in your customer’s mind


The Hippoc Difference.

Measure the efficiency of all your designs during the creation phase and optimize them with a reliable neuro-AI tech in order to increase significantly their performance.

Your winning visual is calculated based on the three hippoc pillars:

Instant Attention

It identifies what can catch your customer’s attention in less than 3 seconds and makes sure your key elements stand out.

Lasting Recall

It finds what is most easily remembered in the design and makes sure it’s aligned with your goals.

Impact Score

This score represents the ability of a visual to be at least as memorable as it is appealing.

Instantly leverage from the predictions with our recommendation system

Made For

Digital innovators in all fields


Maximize conversions from day 1

Fast track your testing during your creation process

Stop wasting time justifying why your design are the best ones

Set aside subjective arguments and focus on objective data

Perform a one-click test that integrates with your tools and processes

Obtain reliable and statistically accurate indicators

Reduce your testing expenses. Choose a package that suits your needs

Maximize your CTR and brand loyalty easily

People that love Hippoc

“ Difference of opinions when it comes to creativity and design is something marketers are all too familiar with. By trying to balance and incorporate all feedback, the design process becomes lengthy, and design effectiveness compromised.

Hippoc is unlike any product I have worked with. I now get instant access to the science-backed cognitive impact my designs have on our audience. I can feel confident knowing that my designs will resonate and fuel meaningful results"
Stef Reid
Director of Marketing, - L-Spark
“ Hippoc’s Neuro-AI technology helps us make data driven decisions for our website design, which contributes to an increase of marketing qualified leads. Instead of doing A-B testing once the site is live, we test multiple versions of the page with different images, UI, styles, and choose the best performing from the analysis, while building it, so we saving cost and time.”
Guillaume Boivin
Sr Product/Marketing Manager at Heyday AI
“Hippoc allows us to break through biases and discuss something measurable. It’s not just about evaluating creative, it’s about giving artists and managers the tools to think more critically about every image and iterate on their designs."
Graphic Designer, LevelFilm

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