Uncover winning ads in advance.

Hippoc unique AI is backed by billions of cognitive neuroscience data points and substantial ad spend.

Say goodbye to wasted time and money on underperforming campaigns.

Easy integration. Better ad results

Our innovative neuro-AI technology leverages data to predict an ad creative’s effectiveness before launching, saving you the costs of traditional testing avenues.

Hippoc is an omnichannel solution, easily scalable with any ad networks

Why Hippoc?
The benefits of our paid media partner solution

Boost campaign performance

Focus your budget on ads that perform and yield outstanding results from the moment they go live. Improve your ads’ conversion rate and drive more revenue and ROAs.

Skip A/B testing

Our neuro-AI tech predicts your ad creatives performance before your campaigns get off the ground. The result? Your teams saves time and money on ad test.

Scalable across brands and networks

Hippoc integrates seamlessly across various digital advertising platforms, including Facebook Meta, Google Ads, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter ads, Amazon.

Centralize media intelligence

Our models learn from previous and ongoing campaigns across all of your digital advertising platforms. Break down silos between your platforms and give your media and design teams more power to collaborate.

GDPR and CASL-compliant

Our technology adheres to CASL and GDPR regulations as confidential information is kept private. Our neuro-AI model is trained to connect to your ad account’s historical data.

Results that speak for themselves - BBR Case Study

Connect your ad network

From Meta, Google Ads, Linkedin, Twitter ads to Youtube, connect all the ad network on which you run display or video ads.

We train your custom Neuro-AI model

We learn from past and on-going ad campaigns by cross-referencing campaign parameters, performance, and the cognitive impact of the creatives used.

Boost all your campaign performance

Upload your display & video ads and see what will best perform within a few minutes according to your targeted audience.

Hippoc works for businesses
across various sectors, including…


Generate more revenue from campaigns Get more clicks and conversions Reduce CPA


Onboard gamers more quickly and cost-effectively. Improve app download


Reduce lead acquisition cost Get more qualified leads

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AI-powered solution for high-performing campaigns. Improve your ad digital performance, spend your ad budget more efficiently, increase ROAS.

Are you a marketer or a designer?

Looking to improve the performance of your ad creative or test if your creatives work among your client base?

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