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Boost Your Ads!

Unleash the power of cognitive science on your ad creatives

Make Better Ads

Stop Burning Money

Take seconds and zero spend to do AB testing on your ads. Make creative decisions quicker than ever. Where should you put the logo?

Easy Peasy
Lemon Squeezy

We know it might look complicated, but we keep it simple with easy-to-apply recommendations based on your goals and your assets.

Advertising Research for Everyone​

Advertising Research
for Everyone​

The most valuable brands have been using cognitive science for years, and now so can you. Learn from their best!

Deeply Rooted in Science

Deeply Rooted
in Science

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How does it work?

Upload Your creatives

We allow upload from a single image to up to ten creatives at a time. Choose wisely.


Let Hippoc Think

Our custom-built AI mimics how the human brain processes ads.

Get Recommendations​

We will tell you what will impact your audience, what creatives will work best, and how to optimize them even more.


We built Hippoc For Marketers​

Guide your Designers​

Streamline your design process by giving the right feedback to your designers. They make the art, you bring the data.

Supercharge your Marketing

Stand out and increase the effectiveness of your content and advertising. Fight the noise.

Convince your stakeholders​​

Speed up your approval processes by backing up your creatives with data. Design. Test. Launch!

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