Say goodbye to underperforming ads

Skip A/B testing and predict the performance of your ad creatives and media settings before investing a single dollar in an advertising network, using predictive AI rooted in the principles of neuroscience.

     No credit card needed!

Leading brands leverage our predictions

Elevate your campaigns with precise insights on creative performance and media settings like audience, placement, and budget. Hippoc predicts success, ensuring harmonized, impactful advertising strategies.

15% budget saved

Our clients save up to 15% of their budget on their new advertising creatives testing.


1-4 weeks

New Advertising creatives testing can delay a campaign performance by 1 to 4 weeks.


Up to 53% 

The more our clients use Hippoc, the more they see a decrease of their CPA.

Our AI delivers a 93% prediction rate from day 1

Thanks to Hippoc’s Predictive AI platform, you can now identify and eliminate underperforming creatives, ensuring every dollar counts towards hitting your marketing campaign goals.

With Hippoc, your team benefits from

. A Full access to Hippoc’s Neuroscience and AI capabilities

. An Unlimited number of predictions

. An Instant ranking of each creative uploaded

. A Ranking of creatives per performance metric (lead, sales…)

. A Dedicated account manager

Who uses Hippoc?

They use Hippoc to skip the traditional A/B testing process, to identify the advertising creatives that will have the highest performance impact, whether it’s memorization, clicks, leads or sales. Our Predictive Artificial Intelligence platform provides them with detailed insights that help them make informed decisions, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming experiments.

Jessica, Creative Strategist

It's all about advertising creative memorization. I want to make sure the design I do will have a cognitive impact on people.

Kevin, Performance Marketing Manager

I need to predict, among the advertising creatives received from my design team, which ones will generate leads at the lowest cost possible!

Ellen, Marketing Director

Thanks to Generative AI, my team creates a lot of new content, I need a solution to predict what advertising creatives will perform best on the different advertising network!

They are talking about us

Among our ongoing media coverage, we are thrilled to announce that Hippoc’s co-founders have been selected for the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Marketing and Advertising category for 2024. Out of over tens of thousands of nominees from around the world, Hippoc has emerged as one of the 30 trailblazing companies recognized by Forbes this year.

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