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Visualize in seconds the elements of your design that stand out in your consumers' brains.

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Ad analysis - Impact Score Ad analysis - Recall Score
Ad analysis - Impact Score Ad analysis - Recall Score

Back your designs with data

Get feedbacks in seconds

Enhance your creativity

Why Hippoc?

Let our next-generation Neuro-IA models show you how your designs will stand out in the minds of your consumers and how you can enhance them

An easy to use platform to accurately predict visual Impact

Hippoc combines neuroscience and AI so you can design with confidence your ads, social media posts, websites, landing pages or emails that stand out and engage your audience.

Unique, immediate and reliable

Made for content creators, entrepreneurs, social network managers and marketers who want to create content that really stands out in the minds of their audience without wasting their time and marketing budget.

Data Driven insights

Hippoc's unique data allows you to leave the hesitation and guesswork aside and focus on designing content that really stands out. See what is impactful, attention-grabbing, memorable, get specific recommendations and optimize your designs to make your ads more effective, your posts more engaging and improve your website user experience.

How it works

Upload your designs
Using Hippoc's Canva Integration, the Chrome extension or by just doing a drag & drop, upload your designs within the platform
Define your key zones
Manually or using our automated detection system, define the areas of your design that are most important

Hippoc Ad data analysis
Get results in seconds
After running the analysis, get a detailed report with the Impact, Attention & Recall of your designs and personalized recommandations

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Who can Use it

From freelancers, small & medium business, startups to agencies so anyone looking for a simple & affordable way to streamline design creation process & improve conversion


Get of the grid safely & speed up your design and approval processes by backing up your designs with science data.


Stand out and increase the effectiveness of your content and advertising as a professionnel in no time.


Unleash your designers’ creativity safely and streamline your review processes by making data-driven decisions.

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All plans include the following features

Impact Score

Be impactful

See which elements will stand out the most in your customers' minds

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Attention Score

Grab Attention

See which elements will best attract your customers' attention

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Recall Score

Be memorable

Understand what your customers will remember most

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Canva Integration

Get your analysis in 1 click from Canva

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Keep it simple

Take screenshots, crop & analyze your designs in seconds from any web based software

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Automated report

Generate editable PowerPoint reports to present your results to your colleagues/clients

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We guide you

Get personalized and actionable recommendations to improve your designs effectiveness

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People who love Hippoc

“ Difference of opinions when it comes to creativity and design is something marketers are all too familiar with. By trying to balance and incorporate all feedback, the design process becomes lengthy, and design effectiveness compromised.

Hippoc is unlike any product I have worked with. I now get instant access to the science-backed cognitive impact my designs have on our audience. I can feel confident knowing that my designs will resonate and fuel meaningful results"
Stef Reid
Director of Marketing, - L-Spark
“ Hippoc’s Neuro-AI technology helps us make data driven decisions for our website design, which contributes to an increase of marketing qualified leads. Instead of doing A-B testing once the site is live, we test multiple versions of the page with different images, UI, styles, and choose the best performing from the analysis, while building it, so we saving cost and time.”
Guillaume Boivin
Sr Product/Marketing Manager at Heyday AI
“Hippoc allows us to break through biases and discuss something measurable. It’s not just about evaluating creative, it’s about giving artists and managers the tools to think more critically about every image and iterate on their designs."
Graphic Designer, LevelFilm

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