Predict the performance
of your ads

Predict the performance of your ad creatives alongside all media settings like budget, placement, and audience demographics, and cross-digital ad network.

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Say goodbye to
underperfoming ads

Our Predictive AI platform provides detailed insights that help you make informed decisions, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming experiments.



Learn from your data

By harnessing Neuroscience and AI for nuanced ad creatives and optimizing media settings, Hippoc accurately forecasts performance for unseen data.

  • Cost Per Lead with a remarkable 92% accuracy

  • CPM & CPC with a remarkable 95% accuracy 

  • All your other KPIs with state-of-the-art accuracy


Ad creatives

Explore every facet of images, detecting and analyzing elements to craft an optimal narrative.

Ad creatives

Automate Your Bookkeeping Skip The Boring Manual Record.

Explore every facet of images, detecting and analyzing objects, scenes, and text elements to craft an optimal visual narrative. Whether it's short or long-form copy, every word and emoji is scrutinized to ensure clarity, engagement, and efficacy in messaging.


Media settings

Predict the best creatives for specific audience segments, objectives, demographics, and placements.

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Generate performance predictions

Generate precise predictions

Maximize ROI by understanding budget efficiency.

  • Get detailed insights & forecasts

  • Eliminate underperforming creatives & media settings

  • Unlimited number of predictions

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our clients

Leading brands leverage our predictive insights

Elevate your campaigns with precise insights on creative performance and media settings like audience, placement, and budget.

Explore Kia's Impressive 40% Reduction in CPL

How we helped Groupe Beaucage refocus its advertising efforts and create efficient advertising.

Explore Mazda’s Impressive 53% Reduction in CPL

Mazda’s team encountered difficulties in determining which advertisements would yield the best results.

Explore Nissan’s Impressive 24% Reduction in CPL

With a diverse range of models, Nissan faces the challenge of reaching different audiences effectively.

Save time and money

Skip the ad testing process

Reduce the guesswork and iterative testing traditionally involved in campaign and creative optimization.

  • Reduce costs by 15%
  • Predict the best creatives per audience
  • Reduce the guesswork
Get better results

Achieve a higher return on investment

By understanding the neurological triggers that influence consumer behavior, Hippoc provides precise predictions on ad effectiveness, helping brands optimize their campaigns.

  • Improve CPL
  • Allocate your budget more efficiently
  • Get a competitive edge
all-in-on solution

Align media and creative teams

Align creative development with strategic campaign objectives, build your brief including brand guidelines, logo, and assets directly into the platform for your team to work on together.

  • Improve team work
  • Improve campaign efficiency
  • Help your internalization process

What they say about us

solutions are meticulously crafted to transform the way you do business. Whether you're the startup looking to streamline of operations or an established enterprise.


Their use of artificial intelligence to predict the best performing visuals on Facebook has really improved the impact of my advertising campaigns. Since working with them, I have seen a significant increase in my results for my vehicle listings. Their precise analyzes allowed me to optimize my advertising investments and obtain a higher return on investment.

Dominique Emond

Marketing Director, Groupe Beaucage

“At Groupe Olivier, we have been able to optimize our advertising performance to the fullest thanks to Hippoc and its in-depth analyses. The platform has provided us with a clear and strategic vision, enabling us to make informed decisions and maximize our advertising return on investment.”

Julie Goudreau

Corporate Director, Groupe Olivier
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled answers to common questions you may find helpful.

1. What is Hippoc?

Hippoc is a cutting-edge predictive analytics platform that leverages Neuro-AI to forecast the performance of advertising creatives and media settings with unparalleled accuracy. By integrating neuroscience principles with artificial intelligence, Hippoc offers a unique approach to understanding consumer engagement and optimizing ad performance.

2. What makes Hippoc's predictive analytics unique?

Unlike traditional analytics tools, Hippoc's predictions consider the complex interplay of ad creative, audience demographics, placement, budget, timing, cognitive processes, and campaign objectives to recommend the most effective strategies for each unique scenario. Hippoc stands out due to its Neuro-AI foundation, which simulates human brain processes to predict how audiences will react to different ad creatives. This approach allows for the prediction of a wide range of KPIs, including click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, engagement rates, and return on ad spend (ROAS), among others. 

3. How is the pricing for Hippoc Neuro-AI determined for companies?

Hippoc Neuro-AI's pricing model is meticulously tailored to ensure that our clients can achieve a high return on investment (ROI). Pricing is customized based on each company's average advertising spend across different ad networks, allowing for a scalable and flexible approach that aligns with their specific marketing budgets and goals. Additionally, we offer specialized pricing options for custom product integrations, further ensuring that our solutions meet the unique needs of each business. Our goal is to provide a pricing structure that not only reflects the value Hippoc adds but also supports our clients in maximizing their advertising efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Which KPIs does Hippoc predict, and how accurate are these predictions?

Hippoc leverages its advanced Neuro-AI technology to predict a broad spectrum of key performance indicators (KPIs) essential for the success and optimization of advertising campaigns. Our platform accurately predicts the following metrics:
- Click-Through Rate (CTR)
- Cost Per Click (CPC)
- Cost Per Lead (CPL)
- Cost Per Purchase
- Cost per Video View
- Cost Per View Content
- Cost Per Link Click
- Cost per Engagement
- Cost per Landing Page View
- Cost per Search

Hippoc's prediction accuracy can reach up to 97%, thanks to our proprietary Neuro-AI technology. This technology not only analyzes but also learns from a vast dataset of ad performances across multiple industries and platforms. Additionally, for campaigns with unique KPI needs, Hippoc offers custom metric prediction services, provided there is enough historical data available to ensure accurate forecasting.

5. How does Hippoc utilize Neuro-AI to predict ad performance?

Hippoc's Neuro-AI technology mimics human brain activity to understand and predict consumer responses to advertisements. This involves analyzing visual elements, messaging, and overall creative design to forecast how likely an ad is to capture attention, engage viewers, and drive conversions. By understanding the neurological triggers that influence consumer behavior, Hippoc provides precise predictions on ad effectiveness, helping brands and marketers optimize their campaigns for the best possible outcomes.

6. What are the advantages of using Hippoc for my marketing campaigns?

Using Hippoc for your marketing campaigns offers several advantages:
- Precision Targeting: Predict the best creatives for specific audience segments, maximizing engagement and conversion.
- Budget Optimization: Allocate your advertising budget more efficiently by focusing on the highest-performing creatives and channels.
- Time and budget Savings: Reduce the guesswork and iterative testing traditionally involved in campaign and creative optimization.
- Competitive Edge: Leverage unique insights from Neuro-AI analysis to create ads that resonate deeply with your target audience, setting you apart from competitors.
- Comprehensive Analytics: Access detailed predictions and analytics across multiple KPIs, enabling a holistic view of your campaign's potential performance.