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Combine creativity with scientific proofs effectiveness on the consumer’s mind

Hippoc website heat map

Where to place your logo on your website? – Neuro-AI design Tip

Top left corner of your website is a dead zone for attention… Using Neuro-AI we will show you where to strategically place your logo to maximize both attention and memory recall of your logo!
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Reimagining a better digital consumer experience with Neuro-AI

Reimagining a better digital consumer experience with reinvented heatmaps thanks to Neuro-AI

The standard process “Release, Measure, Adjust, Re-release”, is no longer a workable model. Traditional heat maps and tools are quickly becoming outdated as companies enter the new era of highly accurate prediction optimization. “Design, Know, Adjust, Release, Capitalize” is the new winning model to foster creativity and speed up time to market
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Designing Eye Catching Ads is not enough to create powerful campaign

Designing eye catching ads is not enough

Catching the consumers direct eye attention do not necessarily cause them to remember a content. At the same time a strong content will be memorable for the consumer even if there is not direct eye contact. Covert attention is the trigger to influence consumer behaviors.
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How to increase lead Generation with Neuro-AI optimized designs?

This blog is for growth hackers, lead generation marketers, CRO experts, designers and anyone looking for a creative way to increase optimization rate and lead generation thanks Neuro-AI optimized designs. Too much revenu is lost because of underperforming designs. It’s time to optimized yours before campaign launch, in seconds and improve your CRO from day 1
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Hippoc how to immortalize visual content

How to immortalize visual creatives?

Creative directors and Designers objective is to create marketing campaigns that are, simply put, work of arts. In this article, we are going to demonstrate how to immortalize your work of art and create long lasting memories in the audience’s minds.
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Leading Marketers will use Neuroscience-AI to win consumer attention

Winning both consumer's instant attention and lasting recall gives the brand a competitive advantage in the consumer's buying decision process. The cutting-edge Neuro-AI platform will transform the way advertising is done by predicting with confidence the design that create the better trace in the consumers mind. Covert attention is the trigger to influence consumer behaviors.
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